Amir Landsman believes that good fortune shouldn’t go to waste

Posted by Admin | July 7th, 2013

Amir Landsman believes that good fortune shouldn’t go to waste. That’s why he supports charities like SHARE Africa.

Amir Landsman Puts Small Business Owners in the Driver’s Seat

Posted by Admin | July 3rd, 2013

After studying macroeconomics at Israel’s prestigious Haifa Open University, Amir Landsman spent nearly two decades in the private sector before setting out to found H Capital. During his stints in various high-level sales positions, he learned a great deal about the value of relationships and the power of interpersonal contact.

When he founded H Capital, Landsman resolved to hard-wire his new company’s culture with these important lessons. Accordingly, he learned from the mistakes of past business cash-advance providers and forged a novel, client-focused approach to providing working capital for small businesses.

H Capital makes it easy for small businesses to maintain their liquidity in the face of rising costs for labor and raw materials. More importantly, it puts its clients in charge of their own financial destiny. Since H Capital’s receivables are based on the actual revenues of its clients, it never makes unrealistic demands of its valued customers.

In fact, H Capital provides working capital with a personalized touch. For each new client, Amir Landsman’s company assigns a dedicated representative who’s available around the clock to answer questions and provide support. Even if a new client has an existing source of external financing or a less-than-ideal FICO score, H Capital is likely to approve its cash-advance request within 24 business hours.

H Capital’s personalized approach doesn’t end there. Amir Landsman doesn’t believe in accepting collateral or asking for onerous personal guarantees that can backfire on everyone involved. In fact, he has crafted a streamlined application process that requires very little paperwork and no fine print. Thanks to H Capital, thousands of small businesses have a fighting chance in a tough economy.

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